Welcome to CheapCrawler

We are experts in terms of collecting and analysing data

We are knowledgeable about the unlimitedness of data resources on the internet as well as its valuableness. With these data resources, companies can have overview of the market, products, customers and competitors analysis However, you need specialists and high technological infrastructure.

We are these specialists who are willing to help you. We have had available infrastructure with high speed, easy to expand and intelligent algorithms. Regardless of your requirements, let us help you

What can we do

Collecting data from 1 website

We can scan all pages from any website, then extract information and send you a database. With this data, you can build a similar website or whatever.

Collecting data for comparison

Collecting data from two or more websites for comparison. You can use it for building websites, price comparison applications or comparing specifications, … . You will get the merged database as well as the individual one.

Social listening

We can collect information from social media, forums, newspapers,... and send you daily reports whenever your website or brand is mentioned. We provide a service called automatic classification that classifies positive and negative content (bases on artificial intelligent)

Market and product analysis

We can collect information from many websites in the same field, provide synthesized reports, analyse the market and product.

Finding potential customers

We can scan websites, social media, forums, commercial foundations and find potential customers following your requirement. Potential customers include: where we find them, their names, contact information and conformity assessment indexes.

Web application for explore your data

After collecting data, we will send you. However, if you want data storage, we also provide a web-based application for you to access, view reports and analyse data. This application is saved in our server or your own server (we will hand over source code to you and support installing it. Cost only from $100 per application follows your order, or $20 per basic application

Knowledge is power, data is money