Our services

We provide data collecting service from many sources on the Internet (from one or more websites according to specified conditions), extract information and analyse as well as handle it following any request. After our collection, we will extract and send you data in whatever format you want such as database dump sql, csv, excel,... With regards to collected data, it can help you to do reports, synthetic diagrams and analyse data (service extra).

Data Crawling

We have a system including 500 servers, which can collect 50 million requests per day (http/https). Intelligent collected algorithms can bypass any firewall. You will receive a database to build a similar website by yourself, analyse it or whatever

Extracting output information

With collected data, we can extract information based on it according to your request. You may be got a raw data or extracted information (it’s up to your request).

Handing over database

We will send collected data in any format, which you required. Common formats are sql.zip, csv, xlsx,txt.

Handing over aggregation report

Based on collected data, we also provide aggregation reports and analyse them following your demand. We will send you the report attaching database or free report storage in our system. You can see it at any time or share it to others.

Live dashboard

We provide a dashboard that summarizes information according to real time. This service is free. You just need to pay for the collection and report in the dashboard.

Web application for explore your data

After our collection, we will send it to you. However, if you want data storage, we also provide a web-based application for you to access, view reports and analyse data. This application is saved in our server or your own server (we will hand over source code to you and support installing it. Cost only from $100 per application follows your order, or $20 per basic application.

Knowledge is power, data is money