Terms Of Service

Welcome to Cheapcrawler

Terms of using our services are as below. If you use our services, it’s obvious that you agree with these terms.

Article 1: Data usability and property rights

You can do anything with data allotted to you. However, it is not a monopoly, CheapCrawler also has the right to use and own such data as well as resell it to others.

Article 2: Collected data

We just collect public information on the Internet that whoever accesses this information can be able to. We do not hack the system in order to collect data without admin’s permission.

Article 3: Service Supply Refusal Rights

We have the right to refuse to supply our services for impure intentional requests. In addition, we also have the right to refuse to supply our services for customers whose bad behaviours in the past such as payment delays, ...

Article 4: Information security rights

We respect customers’ privacy rights. We will not reveal any information related to customers’ service usability

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