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Experts for collecting and handling data

Any website, any resource and follows any request

We will collect and extract information from any website as well as any resource and handle it with any customers’ request

Extremely low cost

Only $0.001 per page and $5 per aggregation report

Extremely fast

We have a system including 500 servers, which can collect and handle 50 million websites each day (http/https).
Intelligent bot system can bypass any firewall

our service


We provide collecting data service from any source on the Internet (from one or more websites according to specified request), extract information and analyse as well as handle it following any request. After our collection, we will extract and send you data in any format you want (database dump sql, csv, excel,...) With collected data, we can help you to do aggregation reports, diagrams and analyse data (extra service)

Crawling Data
Extracting data
Handing over file, easy to use
Aggregation report, statistic


We provide extremely low cost service with top quality products

Pay as go

$ 0.001 /page

What’s included ?


From $ 800 /1M pages++

What’s included ?

Knowledge is power, data is money